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Glass Sha Sha Sha Hookah Set

Author: admin / 2022-08-04
If you are a fan of smoking, a glass shisha hookah set will be the perfect choice for you. These sets are made from high-grade borosilicate glass, which is odor-resistant and heat-resistant. The Lit glass hookah set comes with the main body, 19mm male bowl, 24mm downsteam, and 14mm silicone hose. It also comes with a proprietary wind guard heat management device. To enjoy this product, you'll also need shisha.

To use a glass hookah, you can either use a charcoal screen, or you can use a glass bowl. The glass bowl needs to be a snug fit within the rubber piece, and the hookah hose should be securely attached to it. To make sure the hose can easily pass air, you can create a hole in the rubber piece with a marker or a small piece of paper. Then, place the hose over the bowl, and you should see some water flowing in.

When using a glass hookah set, it's important to make sure the water is clean and filtered. Adding other liquids to your glass vase may result in a very thin smoke. You don't want to make yourself sick by inhaling contaminated water! Keeping your hookah clear and clean will keep your smoke fresh. It will keep your hose from getting too thin. So, when you are enjoying the scent of your favorite weed, you'll be happy you chose a glass hookah set.