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Ningbo Yinzhou Liansheng Machinery Parts Factory is Portable Hookahs Manufacturers which specializing in R&D and production of hookahs and related accessories. In the last 5 years, we have mainly focused on the development and production of hookah products, but we only cooperated with our domestic foreign trade companies to sell our products to all over the world. NOW we would like to promote them to you directly. wholesale portable single double four Hose Hookah is okay. At present, we have established a foreign trade team so that we can explore the international market directly. That would save your cost and help you to enlarge your business significantly. Bulk source multi hose Hookahs now.

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Industry Knowledge Development
A hookah, also known as a shisha or water pipe, is a device used for smoking flavored tobacco. It originated in India and has since become popular in many parts of the world, particularly in the Middle East and parts of Asia.

The basic components of a hookah include a bowl, a body or stem, a water base, a hose, and a mouthpiece. The tobacco, known as shisha or maassel, is placed in the bowl and covered with aluminum foil or a heat management device. Burning charcoal is placed on top of the foil or heat management device, which heats the tobacco and produces smoke. The smoke is then drawn through the water in the base and into the hose, where it is inhaled through the mouthpiece.

Hookah smoking is often a social activity, with multiple people sharing the same hookah and taking turns inhaling the smoke. The tobacco used in hookahs is often flavored with various fruit flavors, such as apple, strawberry, or mint. Some people find the social aspect and the variety of flavors appealing, while others enjoy the smoothness of the smoke produced by the water filtration.

To use a hookah, follow these steps:
1.Prepare the hookah: Start by assembling the hookah. The basic components include a glass base, a metal stem with a hose, a bowl, and a charcoal tray. Make sure all the parts are clean and in good condition.
2.Fill the base with water: Pour water into the glass base until it covers around one to two inches of the stem. The water should be cold or chilled to provide a smoother smoking experience.
3.Prepare the bowl: Take the bowl and fill it with shisha tobacco. Fluff the tobacco lightly and make sure it is not packed too tightly. You can mix flavors or use a single flavor, depending on your preference. Leave a small gap between the tobacco and the top of the bowl.
4.Place the bowl on the stem: Carefully place the bowl onto the stem. It should fit securely, forming a tight seal. If necessary, use a rubber grommet or some foil to ensure an airtight connection.
5.Heat the charcoal: Ignite a charcoal disk using a lighter or a coal burner. Let the charcoal heat up until it turns red and is covered with a layer of gray ash. This process typically takes 5-10 minutes.
6.Position the charcoal: Once the charcoal is fully lit, place it on top of the bowl. You can use tongs or a charcoal screen to handle the hot charcoal safely. Make sure the charcoal is evenly distributed and covers the entire surface of the bowl.
7.Start smoking: As the charcoal heats the shisha tobacco, you can start drawing air through the hose. Take slow, steady pulls, allowing the smoke to pass through the water in the base, cool down, and then travel up through the hose.
8.Manage the heat: If the smoke becomes too harsh or the flavor diminishes, you can adjust the heat by adding or removing charcoal. Alternatively, you can use a heat management device (such as a Kaloud Lotus) to regulate the temperature.
9.Clean and maintain: After you finish smoking, empty the used tobacco from the bowl and clean the hookah thoroughly. Rinse the base, stem, hose, and bowl with warm water, and use a brush to remove any residue. Regular maintenance helps maintain the hookah's performance.