Smoke Bowl Glass+Ceramic 71+88cm OEM/ODM

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Smoke Bowl Glass+Ceramic 71+88cm

Weight KG: 0.26
Material: Glass ceramic
Height CMM: 71+88
Ceramic Glass Smoke Bowl. Your perfect companion for any occasion. This durable, high quality and durable bowl will last you a long time, and with its glass walls is easy to observe your burning herbs through the whole session.This smoke bowl is constructed with a ceramic glass shell and will hold up to 2 lbs of your favorite tobacco. It has a built-in heat shield, an anti-clog base, and non-stick bowl walls. Ceramic Glass Smoke Bowl is a premium glass smoking bowl for your ceramic bowls or pipes. The air hole on the bottom of Ceramic Smoke Bowl is precisely drilled to 3mm, which can create good airflow when using it with your pipe or water pipe.


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