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Shisha - how to taste?

Author: admin / 2022-06-17
When smoking a hookah, when exhaling, after taking a deep breath, close your mouth and exhale through your nose instead, feeling the beauty of the sweet and fragrant airflow swimming around your body.
Hookah, ordinary people use smoking, people who enjoy it, and people who are really elegant are tasting. What you smoke is the taste, what you inhale is the feeling, and what you taste is the artistic conception - that kind of artistic conception of "flying in the clouds, drunk with water and smoke", just like tasting tea, wine, and coffee.
The hookah can choose a single flavor, or a mixture of various flavors of cut tobacco. You can also add milk, juice, coffee, red wine and other drinks to the hookah bottle. Different combinations produce different feelings and experience different moods.
Hookah, pay attention to "three mouths and four breasts". That is, the first three puffs are inhaled and spit out, so that the mouth is full of strong fragrance and the tobacco is fully burned; starting from the fourth puff, use the deep breathing of the chest to slowly inhale the smoke and exhale slowly.
Hookah, you need to meditate and breathe, so that you can experience the elegant and refreshing sweetness. Feel the rich, refreshing and sweet taste of the small smoke column formed by the smoke hitting the tip of the tongue.
When drinking hookah, it is culture. Shisha is a cultural product with a long historical background. Knowing its cultural background can better experience the exotic atmosphere.

The role and efficacy of various flavors of hookah:
The "apple" tastes very fragrant and strong when it is extracted, and it is even better with ice cubes and red wine!
"Strawberry" is not only fragrant, but also has a faint strawberry flavor when spit out!
"Mint" is very refreshing to suck, the throat is very cool, and it is more comfortable to add some ice cubes!
"Rose" is very smooth and light, more suitable for ladies, and emits a faint rose fragrance!
"Grape" has a stronger taste and is not so smooth to smoke, but it is suitable for some smokers!
"Original" taste is very heavy, suitable for old smokers!
"Mixed fruit" has several flavors together, and I feel that there are several different flavors when I draw it out. It is very smooth and tastes good!
The scent of "lemon and sweet orange" helps to overcome listlessness, improve work efficiency, and eliminate the tension and unease that office workers feel in the oppressive atmosphere of the office.
The refreshing and refreshing smell of "mint" can lift the mind and make people feel good.
The "blueberry and mint mix" scent can make students more focused.
The aroma of "coconut" improves symptoms of depression and hysteria, relieves tension and calms the liver.
The aroma of "peach" makes people optimistic, making people feel unrestrained and relaxed and happy.
The scent of "licorice" is very beneficial for modern people who are facing great stress every day. When you are restless and restless, smelling the scent of licorice will make you calm.
The aroma of "rose" can enhance memory and help you better accept external information.
The smell of "watermelon" has the effect of improving people's resilience and perseverance.
The fragrance of "Lychee and Melon" enhances the body's ability to cope with complex environments and eliminates syndromes that cause mental and physical deficits.
The aroma of "pineapple" has the effect of suppressing anger and can appropriately relieve tension.
The scent of "apple" helps relieve migraine headaches. A study by scientists at Yale University in the United States has proved that after smelling apple scent, migraine symptoms can be significantly reduced or disappeared, and its function is comparable to drug treatment. The main reason is that migraine and the sense of smell will interact with each other, and the fragrance of apple can disperse the anxiety of the patient during headache, make the neck and head muscles relax from tension and contraction, and the systolic blood pressure in blood pressure will decrease, while some Diastolic blood pressure will also be reduced, thereby playing an analgesic effect.
It has the functions of activating qi and activating collaterals, opening the orifices and refreshing the brain, strengthening the spleen and soothing the mind, dispersing the lungs and resolving phlegm, reducing inflammation and pain, clearing away heat and detoxifying. The process of smoking hookah is actually a kind of traditional Chinese medicine therapy. Even if you don't have the habit of smoking cigarettes and cigars, you might as well have a bag of hookahs to relieve your worries and refresh your mind.