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Glass hookah with bright colors

Author: admin / 2022-08-18
We are a professional glass products limited company. Our company mainly produces and sells glass hookahs, glass hookahs and other related products. What is the quality of our products? How does it respond in practical applications? In the next time we will explain further, I hope to help you

   Will you be confused when you see our product glass hookah? What kind of product is this? Is it a water bottle product? Or a product related to cigarettes? I will mainly explain it next. This product of ours is derived from the strong Arabian hookah, which has been very popular in foreign countries since a very early time. In our Tang Dynasty, it already had its early products. In recent years, hookah has become a tool for many people to hide the freshness, and it has also become popular in our country. Our product is still different from Arabian products. Our new processing technology uses glass material. We use colored transparent glass, which has the remarkable feature of high transparency and strong real feeling. In actual production, the color spraying method is used, and it is baked in a high temperature furnace, and the color can also be made into a gradient color. Can also be frosted effect. It can be sprayed as a whole or locally. Greatly increased our ease of operation.
  Through our brief introduction above, do you have a deeper understanding of our products? If you have any need in the aspect of the hookah, please contact us as soon as possible. Well, we will have the most sincere service attitude to cooperate with you. You will never regret choosing us.