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Classification of hookahs

Author: admin / 2022-08-24
At present, the type of hookah that can be seen everywhere on the market is the glass hookah, the most common one is the glass hookah, the reason is that the glass hookah is easy to clean, and the glass hookah is crystal clear and very beautiful under the light, and the appreciation value is very high. And the Arabian hookah produced by our royal smoking set is even more ingenious and unique. Compared with the hookah on the market, it is more delicate.

Glass hookahs can be roughly divided into four categories: single-color glass hookahs, multi-color glass hookahs, colored glass hookahs, and glass tire painted enamel snuff bottles.

    These four kinds of single-color glass hookahs are the earliest varieties of glass hookahs. According to what we have seen so far, there are many kinds of white, pink, red, yellow, purple, blue, black, etc. Each color is fired differently in different times. There are differences in shades of color, and there are also differences in transparent, opaque and translucent.

    The number of glass hookahs we have seen so far is very large, and their forms, colors and decorations are very different, and it is difficult to describe them all. If it is distinguished by texture, it can be divided into three categories: transparent glass, translucent glass and opaque "Nirvana glass". However, in the process of making glass smoke bottles, these three kinds of glass are often mixed and used by techniques such as "multicolor" and "color trapping" to form a variety of products.