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There is a good market for hookahs

Author: admin / 2022-08-30
Today's hookahs have been scattered by decoration and become a certain market collection category.

Hookah, also known as hookah, hookah, is a kind of smoke drawn from water and re-inhaled through cigarettes. In the middle and early Qing Dynasty, hookah was introduced into northwest China from West Asia via Central Asia, and gradually introduced into central China in the late Qianlong period. Huang Junzai of the Qing Dynasty said in "The Seven Inks of the Golden Pot": "During the Qianlong period, Lanzhou produced various kinds of tobacco, using the fan-tong as a pipe, storing water for smoking, and calling it hookah." , craftsmen integrate Chinese national characteristics and culture into the hookah, making it more and more exquisite.

The body of the ordinary hookah is two and a half inches, followed by the double-tube body, and the abnormal shape is rare. The body is connected by a straw, shaped like a crane head, about a foot high. He has smoking pliers and needles on his body. Shisha is mostly made of white copper, and there is no shortage of gold-covered silver, jade, and cloisonne. On both sides of the pot body, techniques such as shallow chisel, yang carving, relief carving, deep carving, and cloisonné enamel are often used, and the workmanship is meticulous. The patterns engraved on the pot are also rich in patterns and eclectic, making the water pipe a unique and practical object, which can be used for ornamental purposes and a symbol of showing off status. The literati and wealthy at that time, in addition to smoking grass, also had hookah. Due to the high price of shisha, there are shisha production and franchising workshops and shops in the surrounding area, the most popular being those made in Beijing, Guangzhou and Suzhou. At that time, people said that "the taste is like tea, and a thousand gold buys a copper pot".

In the middle and late period of the Republic of China, cigarettes began to occupy the smoking territory of cities and upper-class society, and the production of hookah gradually declined. Before and after the founding of New China, hookah basically withdrew from the stage of tobacco. Nowadays, hookah bottles that have been around for about 200 years have entered people's collection field of vision. Usually, hookah bottles in good condition and finely crafted have also climbed from 200 or 300 to more than 500 to 1,000 yuan in Tibet a few years ago. Individuals can even reach more than 2,000 yuan.